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Incredible Northside Hair Salon. Great Profits, great price!

$395,000 + SAV


Wonderful longstanding hair salon with an incredibly loyal customer base. High profits with low owners hours.



There is definitely potential to increase hours as the salon only operates for 44.5 hours per week. Alternatively, if an incoming owner is wanting high returns, increasing their hours beyond the current owners average of approximately 27 hours per week would make an immediate difference.


Reason for Sale

The owner has been in the business for a long time and has decided it is time for a break to allow the next owner to come in and reap the rewards of a wonderful business.


About the Business

This Northside hair salon has been around for many years and has maintained high profits consistently. Their secret??? Easy, provide a quality, consistent service their customers absolutely love. As staff come and go, which is inevitable over the
years, the customers keep flooding back as the quality and reliability always remains the same.
Only open for 44.5 hours open week, this salon has a very good balance for all staff from the manager, through to the part time stylist, but most importantly, the owner only works 22 hours one week and up to 31 hours the next.
To maintain consistency in practices and profitability, the salon is systemized with extremely strong procedures in place as well as every staff member having key performance indicators maintaining the highest of standards.
When it comes to salons, many buyers are concerned the customers follow the owner, however, this business has seen a change of ownership in the past, it has also seen staff come and go, yet the profits always remain high.
Love the sound of this wonderful business? This business is asking for offers over $395,000 plus stock. It is a remarkable opportunity for the next owner to pick up not only a good operational business, but a business that is absolutely thriving.
For more information on this huge opportunity, please call Andrew from Summit Business Brokers today on 0418 676 400.

What’s holding you back? Dream of a better life. Call Andrew from Summit Business Brokers today on 0418 676 400 for more information about this wonderful opportunity.

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