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Remarkable success story with huge owners profits and work from home.




Thriving business born off the back of a need to provide a guaranteed solution to lice treatment in a day and age where treatment resistant “super lice” have crippled off the shelf treatment products.


With only 47 sites sold across Australia to date, there are another 33 available to reach saturation. That equates in excess of $450,000 revenue straight to the bottom line. On top of this, site renewals every 5 years will start rolling in in 2021. Approximately $188,000 additional revenue.

Reason for Sale

The director responsible for day to day operations also has multiple other business interests that are requiring more time squeezing his ability to give Lice Clinics Australia his full attention.

About the Business

Have you ever dreamed of working from home giving you complete flexibility over your workday, holiday, family life, but could never find the right opportunity? Look no further, this remarkable business ticks every box.
Lice Clinics Australia is a wonderful success story. The business provides 100% successful treatment of the full lice cycle to take the strain and pressure off parents when their little ones come home with infestations. 

The reality is “super lice” are resistant to conventional off the shelf treatments leaving many dejected and exacerbated after multiple, unsuccessful attempts to eradicate nits, louse and lice from their family. Lice Clinics Australia, through its 47 clinics across Australia provide an effective treatment giving peace of mind. 

Why sell a business for only $295,000 when the business made over $650,000 combined profit, after add backs, for the last 2 years? The owners have other business ventures that are now requiring more time and as much as they would love to hold this business, they know it is better suited for someone with the ability to take it to the next level. 

What’s holding you back? Dream of a better life. Call Andrew from Summit Business Brokers today on 0418 676 400 for more information about this wonderful opportunity.

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