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DO NOT MISS THIS SUPERMARKET. No competition, enormous potential, OPPORTUNITY!


116 Lawrence Wackett Crescent, Theodore, ACT, 2905


Theodore Local Liquor is a stand alone business with zero competition and is absolutely bursting with potential. So much spare space, a massive courtyard, quiet frontage and tons of parking.


With zero competition and space to burn, there are not many established supermarkets that have this much potential for diversification and expansion. Already making great money, this could be an incredible Canberra success story for the right owner with the right vision.

Reason for Sale

The owner is heading north giving you the perfect opportunity to pick up one of Canberra’s small business with the highest potential.

About the Business

Theodore Local Liquor, a once in a lifetime opportunity for the astute business person. The time is now to begin your new life journey. So much space, no competition, an idle coffee machine and grinder, did I mention NO COMPETITION? 

Not very often does an opportunity come along where the ability to completely transform a business with the potential to be a goldmine. A stand alone business with an enormous courtyard, ample parking and endless potential. Surrounded by residential properties, a school and currently nowhere to grab a good coffee and cake. While your customers are enjoying their coffee and a bite to eat, they’ll also do their grocery shopping rather than driving a larger centre. 

What is wrong with this business? Absolutely nothing! It is making great profit, no headaches, simple operation. Leave it as it currently is and make dollars from day 1 if that’s what you want. No problem, however, the local community is crying out for a store with more. Add a small (or large) café to give them an amazing local option rather than having to go into a bigger centre. Give them a reason to support a local small business even more. 

At least go to the store, shut your eyes and imagine how you would set it up. With no competition, it would be so easy to make it the trendy hangout for the local community and with the incredibly easy access, bring in the crowds from neighbouring suburbs too. 

Already profitable, there is very little risk involved making it better. Stuck for ideas, speak to me, I have a great vision for a thriving, local hangout. Give the locals what they want. Imagination is your only limitation. 

This truly is an extremely unique opportunity to get in while the price is so low. If done right, this business could be remarkable rather than just good. Do you have a vision? Do you have the ability to disrupt the area and give people a fantastic local option? 

This business is ideal for a single operator, a couple, a family run business. You choose how you want to operate and take it from there. 

What’s holding you back? Dream of a better life. Call Andrew from Summit Business Brokers today on 0418 676 400 for more information about this wonderful opportunity.

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