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Hansel and Gretel, a stunning Iconic Canberra Café, coffee roasting café, nut store, gift store.

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Canberra, 2600, ACT


Hansel and Gretel were established an incredible 45 years ago, this wonderful, iconic Canberra business has stood the test of time. With an enormously diverse income stream, if one section drops, another picks up.


The wholesale side of the business has fallen off as the current owners haven’t actively pursued that income stream as it wasn’t playing to their strengths, there is huge opportunity to reinvigorate this aspect of the business. Being actively involved in social media and marketing would generate a much greater following. Massive unit developments within the suburb and the rebuild of the bus depot will drive success deep into the future.

Reason for Sale

The current owner is ready for retirement and is passionate the business is perfectly suited to anyone with drive and ambition, especially a younger generation that can drive social media marketing to a far greater, active level.

About the Business

Hansel & Gretel was established in 1974 and has been a part of the Canberra fabric for 45 years. There is no other coffee roaster in Canberra with such a deep, rich history or more importantly, the security of proven longevity.

What makes Hansel & Gretel successful after 45 years? They provide Canberrans with incredible variety. A wonderful café providing a tasty menu, not to mention incredibly delicious coffee, retail in house-roasted coffee, wholesale coffee, a wonderful range of chocolates and confectionery, dried fruit and nuts, gorgeous gift lines all served by wonderful, attentive staff. Diversity of product line has enabled this stunning business to stand the test of time through elections, recessions, and even a global financial crisis.

The current owner freely admits she doesn’t have the drive to take this business to the next level which provides you with an amazing opportunity to purchase a business without the lofty price tag associated with a business running at or near peak capacity. There is an enormous amount of blue sky with this magnificent business and a bargain price tag to match the opportunity. Only $195,000 + Stock at value, will secure your dream adventure.

What’s holding you back? Dream of a better life. Call Andrew from Summit Business Brokers today on 0418 676 400 for more information about this wonderful opportunity.

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