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Are you thinking about buying a business but have no idea where to start. Have you already found a business to buy, but aren’t sure you are getting the best deal? Are you looking for an expert to structure a purchase of an existing business with guidance from the start right through to settlement?

Andrew from Summit Business Brokers is not only an expert at selling businesses, he also understands the other side of the transaction. Buying a business, especially your first business, is a very daunting process. There are balance sheets, P&Ls, add back schedules to read and understand, there is generally a lease included and possibly the negotiation of a new lease. How do you know you’re making the right call?

Summit Business Brokers can guide you every step of the transaction to ensure your comfort through the entire process. Utilising vast experience and knowledge will ensure that not only you are buying the right business for you, but also you are buying the right business at the right price with no hidden catches.

Negotiating is not your thing? With Summit acting as your agent, you can be assured you are getting the very best deal available. Summit’s fees will be easily covered by the difference in asking price to the price you buy the business for and all of the heavy lifting will be handled by Summit.

If you are not ready to take the next step but would like a consultation with Andrew to discuss your options, different industries and what you should be looking for, the first hour will be completely free.

If additional time is required, Summit’s standard consulting fees will apply. If you’re ready to utilise the expertise of Summit for the purchase of your first, or next, business adventure, call Andrew from Summit Business Brokers today on 0418 676 400.


Andrew owned and operated a large, successful newsagency for 20 years before deciding to sell and plan the next phase of his life. Multiple agents, huge upfront fees and no results left Andrew frustrated and emotionally drained.

Many hours were spent reflecting on why the challenge to sell his business was so stressful and difficult. Summit Business Brokers was formed on the back of those experiences and Andrew’s desire to help other business owners and prospective business purchasers achieve their dreams, sell their business or buy a business and reach their summit.

Andrew decided to change the business model of business broking. Summit Business Brokers charge no upfront fees and no administration fees. You only pay a small monthly advertising fee, a fixed rate commission upon completion of a sale and NO commission on YOUR stock. What could be fairer and why would you settle for less?

summit business brokers

20 years of business experience as an owner, combined with 22 years of real estate experience, has given Andrew vast exposure to numerous business environments and networks. The knowledge Andrew gained over the years will enable him to successfully assist you to buy or sell your business for all it’s worth.

How the team at Summit will maximise your profits: 


Embrace the latest technologies from Australia and abroad to reach out and match buyers and sellers.


Leverage national business networks (SME and Corporate) to gain increased exposure for your business.

Social Media

Ensure your business is on all social media platforms to “share” the opportunity and increase your business reach in the community.


Are you looking to sell your business? Are you looking to buy a business? Not sure where to start? We are here to help.

No upfront fees, no administration fees, no sliding scales,  no gimmicks, just a flat rate commission paid only on completion of a successful sale. Why pay a dollar more than you need to. Call Andrew today to find out how he can help. 0418 676 400


summit business brokers

Selling your business, call Summit Business Brokers today. No upfront fees, no administration fees, Professional, honest reliable service. Sell your business for all it’s worth.

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